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At the invitation of the Macedonian Ministry of Health, Dr. Lee was able to teach at the University Main Govt Hospital in Skopje, Macedonia. Through the kind hospitality of the department of ophthalmology, Dr. Hristian Duma, Dr. Andy Sanders and many others, Dr. Lee was privileged to partner with the doctors to advance ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgical care in Macedonia. The 1st endoscopic DCR was done in the country with doctors from ENT/ophthalmology learning, as well as the 1st fornix reconstruction with palatal and labial grafts, 1st complex orbit and lid reconstructions, tumor resections, and the 1st use of amniotic membrane with the outstanding and amazing surgeons of macedonia. Attached are some of the photos from the doctors. 2015


iCare partners with LinkAcross Ministry of Health, Macedonia in 2013.

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