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The Beginning/Past:

iCare began in 2006 with the invitation of Dr. Scott E. Lee to do humanitarian surgery in Kenya. Since then, it has grown into a larger humanitarian organization with the mission of providing ophthalmic and oculoplastic care to those that have the least access to it. Training courses, teaching of local ophthalmologists, and pro-bono surgery have been conducted worldwide. iCare has extended its scope and is currently seeking to establish permanent eye clinics around the world where currently no eye or ophthalmic care exists. Most of the ophthalmic humanitarian aid has been done in third world countries. The people they met and the conditions they saw were so powerful, the trips became more than isolated visits…they became part of a larger organized effort to provide ophthalmic care to the needy everywhere. Enter iCare.



iCare was established with the intent to provide the highest quality of ophthalmic care to those with the least access to any type of health care. But what began as a focus on the needy abroad has naturally spread to a focus on education and care for the needy right in our neighborhoods here in the East Bay.  Many patients, individuals, and organizations have approached iCare in search of ways to donate to its philanthropy. Any donations made in the form of capital, intellectual property, or real property will be completely handled by iCare’s board of trustees.


iCare is expanding to many countries as well as receiving support from other like minded physicians and volunteers. We are busy applying for grants and thinking of ways we can better serve both the local and global community.

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